Issue 1 is now available!

Issue 1 is out now!

The screenreader friendly version is still being worked on and will be available as soon as possible.


d36-PlainText.pdf 168 kB
Apr 22, 2021
d36-Issue1-Red-StandardPDF-Pages.pdf 41 MB
Apr 22, 2021
d36-Issue1-Red-StandardPDF-Spreads.pdf 18 MB
Apr 22, 2021

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Is it possible to order a physical version of this and the following issues? I lost my chance to get them during the KS :(

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Yep! You can do it here or by following the link on the product page. There's no way to buy the future issues yet but they'll be available from my store when they're released.


hey there! Any previews of the product?


Yes. They are already visible on the page.