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Deep in the earth it slumbers. Ancient. Unknowable. Patient.

It inhales, tugging on the mycorrhizal networks that vein the land, pulling in everything it needs. Life. Sustenance. People.

There will be a ritual. The ancient thing will wake.

There will be a feast.

FEAST is a system-neutral adventure for low level adventurers, inspired by A Field In England and In The Earth.

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CategoryPhysical game
Release date 99 days ago
AuthorChris Bissette
TagsDungeon Crawler, folk-horror, Horror, osr, ritual


Buy Now£5.00 GBP or more

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Sweet lord, too few A Field In England influences in TTRPG's. Good to see this happening!


It's *such* a good film! And if you haven't seen In The Earth yet you owe it to yourself to do that ASAP.