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The Moss Mother’s Maze

an adventure for levels 1-3 for use with a dungeon game

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Beneath a desolate moor lies an enigmatic maze, its twisted corridors teeming with treacherous traps and remnants of ill-fated adventurers who dared to tread its path.
The Moss Mother guards her home against all intruders, but there are great rewards to be had for those who brave her hallways.
Immerse yourself in a world of rot, rust, and rebirth, where the echoes of buried legends stalk your every move.

The Moss Mother's Maze is the first dungeon crawl adventure for A Dungeon Game. Delve into a sprawling maze of ancient iron in search of the titular Moss Mother and the treasure she protects. Face devious traps, learn strange magic, and meet the lost and lonely people who ventured into the maze before you and were unable to escape.

This adventure is available in a number of different versions:

  • A FREE web-only edition so you can try before you buy. Find it here.
  • The £5 PLAIN TEXT edition. You get the adventure in plain text PDF and epub formats.
  • The FULL DIGITAL EDITION. Paying over £8 gets you the plain text files, plus the fully laid-out and illustrated PDF and a downloadable version of the interactive edition. 
  • The SOFTCOVER PRINT ZINE, available from Loot The Room. Comes with a physical copy of A Dungeon Game (while stocks last) and print versions of the maps and guides for new players.
  • LIMITED EDITION HARDBACK EDITIONS in a Signed and Lettered edition of 26 copies and a Signed and Numbered edition of 50, available here. Clothbound, foil-stamped, containing the full text of A Dungeon Game, short fiction in the world of The Moss Mother's Maze, and all the handouts and pamphlets from the softcover version.

In this adventure you'll meet:

  • A rusting knight, his name forgotten to all but the stones
  • Cael, the only man who ever found the Vault, trapped forever in the maze
  • Hadratha, a magic sword desperate for a new companion
  • ...lots more!

 This release comes with:

  • Player handouts, including a map of the maze to help players start their adventure, and to give them something to build on as they map the space themselves
  • Two pamphlets of guidance and tips for those new to old school dungeon crawling, titled “So You Want To Run A Dungeon Game” and “So You Want To Explore A Dungeon”
  • Six pre-generated characters

All of the extras above are available as Demo files at the bottom of this page.


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Download demo

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