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Welcome, traveller, to


Our parish is small but growing. We hope you'll find your visit memorable.

The Parish of Reivdene-Upon-The-Moss is a modular folk horror setting for the adventure game of your choice. It follows the classic 'village with a dark secret' format.

Reivdene will be released in parts a day at a time during December 2021, staring on December 1st and ending on December 24th. The price will increase with each release, going from £1 on the first day to a total of £12.50 on Christmas Eve. You only need to purchase this once: when you purchase this product you will get access to all existing releases and will receive all future parts of Reivdene as they become available.

The daily release PDFs are provided in a very basic layout generated with Pandoc. A more traditionally formatted print release is planned for 2023. All contributors will receive a discount code should they wish to purchase the print version.

Over the course of the month you can expect the following:

  • A hex map of The Parish of Reivdene-Upon-The-Moss
  • Hex fills for each location on the map
  • Reasons to go to Reivdene
  • Random encounter tables
  • Notable NPCs
  • Information about Reivdene's dark secret
  • New monsters for a selection of systems
  • A timeline of events in the village
  • Much, much more

The 'village as point-crawl' format of Reivdene was inspired by the work of Brian Yaksha.

What's Included?

A complete PDF (LTR-ReivdeneUnderTheMoss.pdf/epub) containing every entry from this project in one document, plus the individual entries as they were originally released:

  • The labelled hex map of Reivdene-Upon-The-Moss.
  • A detailed entry for the first hex, the Pass.
  • A detailed entry for the second hex, the Goat Farm.
  • A detailed entry for hex three, the Harvest Church of The Covenant.
  • A detailed entry for hex four, Reiver's Field.
  • A detailed entry for hex five, The Hives.
  • A detailed entry for hex six, The Flickern Lighthouse.
  • A further hex map for Raestan Woods, with encounter tables and hex fills.
  • A hex fill for the second numbered hex in Ræstan Woods, **The Moss Graves**.
  • A hex fill for the second numbered hex in Ræstan Woods, **The Second Sky Stone**.
  • A hex fill for the third numbered hex in Ræstan Woods, **The Drained Lake**.
  • An additional dungeon in Ræstan Woods.
  • Reasons to visit the parish of Reivdene.
  • A short soundtrack of the music of Reivdene.
  • A short dungeonBeneath The Martyr Stone, with a new monster and stat blocks for B/X, Mork Borg, Troika!, and Fifth Edition.
  • A short dungeon, Reiver's Crypt, with a new monster and stat blocks for B/X, Mork Borg, Troika!, and Fifth Edition.
  • Strange events that take place in Reivdene, signs that something dark lurks beneath the surface.
  • Additional places of interest in Reivdene.
  • A weather table for adventures in Reivdene, plus rules for the mountain pass becoming snowed in.
  • A generator for random residents.
  • Notable NPCs, complete with their own hooks and information.
  • A brief history of Reivdene.
  • Information about the influx of new visitors to Reivdene, and a generator for their names.
  • Mother Maddex's ritual, and attempt to wake The One Who Waits In The Room Below.
  • The Room Below, and procedures for exploring the labyrinth that leads to it.
  • An additional soundtrack EP for use in The Room Below.

All files are provided in both PDF and in epub format.

CategoryPhysical game
Release date Dec 01, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorChris Bissette
TagsChristmas, dnd, Dungeon Crawler, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy, Horror, mork-borg, OSR, Troika, xmas


Get this advent calendar and 36 more for £150.00 GBP
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In order to download this advent calendar you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £7.87 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

LTR-Reivdene-ThePass.pdf 1 MB
LTR-Reivdene-Hooks.pdf 109 kB
LTR-Reivdene-Upon-The-Moss-SoundtrackEP.rar 20 MB
Reivdene-BeneathTheMartyrStone-Map.png 156 kB
LTR-SomethingStinksInReivdene.pdf 22 kB
LTR-Reivdene-PlacesOfInterest.pdf 25 kB
LTR-Reivdene-Weather.pdf 20 kB
LTR-Reivdene-NotableNPCs.pdf 31 kB
LTR-Reivdene-NotableNPCs.epub 6 kB
LTR-Reivdene-ThePass.epub 3 MB
LTR-Reivdene-Intro.epub 4 kB
LTR-Reivdene-ReasonsToVisit.epub 5 kB
LTR-Reivdene-TheGoatFarm.epub 1 MB
LTR-Reivdene-PlacesOfInterest.epub 6 kB
LTR-ReivdeneDungeon-BeneathTheMartyrStone.epub 156 kB
LTR-Reivdene-SomethingStinksInReivdene.epub 6 kB
LTR-Reivdene-Weather.epub 5 kB
LTR-Reivdene-HarvestChurchOfTheCovenant.epub 4 MB
LTR-Reivdene-ABriefHistory.epub 6 kB
LTR-Reivdene-ABriefHistory.pdf 26 kB
LTR-PeopleOfReivdene.epub 6 kB
LTR-PeopleOfReivdene.pdf 32 kB
LTR-Reivdene-HarvestChurchOfTheCovenant.pdf 5 MB
LTR-Reivdene-TheHives.pdf 1 MB
LTR-Reivdene-TheHives.epub 2 MB
LTR-Reivdene-Visitors.pdf 29 kB
LTR-Reivdene-Visitors.epub 6 kB
LTR-Reivdene-TheRitual.epub 7 kB
LTR-Reivdene-TheRitual.pdf 29 kB
LTR-Reivdene-ReiversField.pdf 1 MB
LTR-Reivdene-ReiversField.epub 1 MB
LTR-Reivdene-ReiversDungeon.pdf 220 kB
LTR-Reivdene-ReiversDungeon.epub 167 kB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods1.pdf 5 MB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods1.epub 7 MB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods-Hex3-TheDrainedLake.epub 21 kB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods-Hex3-TheDrainedLake.pdf 44 kB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods-Hex2-TheSecondStone.pdf 25 kB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods-Hex2-TheSecondStone.epub 5 kB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods-Hex1-TheMossGraves.epub 7 kB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods-Hex1-TheMossGraves.pdf 30 kB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods-ExtraDungeon1.epub 73 kB
LTR-Reivdene-RaestanWoods-ExtraDungeon1.pdf 78 kB
LTR-Reivdene-TheFlickernLighthouse.pdf 5 MB
LTR-Reivdene-TheFlickernLighthouse.epub 5 MB
Reivdene - The Room Below.rar 24 MB
LTR-Reivdene-TheRoomBelow.pdf 58 kB
LTR-Reivdene-TheRoomBelow.epub 13 kB
LTR-ReivdeneUponTheMoss.epub 29 MB
LTR-ReivdeneUponTheMoss.pdf 26 MB
Reivdene-Upon-The-Moss.zip 130 MB

Download demo

LTR-Reivdene-Day1.pdf 264 kB
LTR-Reivdene-TheGoatFarm.pdf 1 MB
LTR-Reivdene-BeneathTheMartyrStone.pdf 208 kB

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