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Kill. Die. Repeat.

The world has ended, and you stand upon its corpse. The restless dead wander its crumbling ruins, souls tied to purposeless bodies that refuse to settle. All they know is hunger, pain, cold. Violence.

You are one of them, but you possess something they don't - purpose, and the Flame. You bring peace to the dead, destroying their necrotic forms and swaddling their eternal souls in warmth as you transport them onward into the eternal slumber of true death.

But rest is temporary, and your Flame is only so strong. Each time you fall the souls escape your grasp, returning to their bodies and cursing them to wander once more. Only when you escape this purgatory will the souls you gather be able to be truly free.

Go. Wander. Kill, and be killed. Die, and be reborn again and again in your flame until one day, perhaps, you will transcend the bounds of this place and finally shepherd the dead into another realm.


Dice Souls is a zero prep Souls-like dungeon exploration game for one or two players.

Set out into a procedurally generated world filled with traps, monsters, and unbelievable bosses. 

Kill them. Take their souls. DieGet better.

As you play you'll answer questions about the world and your place in it that will build the story of what happened to the world, why you're here, and what your purpose is. No two games will ever be the same.

Dice Souls features an innovative Monster Replay system to emulate Souls-like gameplay, and a unique Narrative Telegraphing system for bosses that lets players git gud by learning the move sets of the enemies they face and defeating them through experience and repetition, without having to roll the dice every time.

Download The Free Quickstart 

Grab the free quickstart using the links below to get a taste of Dice Souls. The quickstart contains:

  • Character creation rules and two classes (Warrior and Priest)
  • A "demo level" - a pregenerated Region for you to explore, learning the rules as you go
  • 4 basic enemies and 2 bosses
  • 3 character upgrades
  • Rules for procedurally generating a Region yourself

The full game contains 6 Regions, 2 more classes, tons of enemies and Bosses to fight, traps, treasures, curses, and more.

    Pre-Order the Physical Edition

    Dice Souls is available in a physical edition limited to 200 copiesIt comes in a video game case and contains:

    • Navigating Death: A Player's Guide, the basic rulebook that will teach you how to play the game
    • A Chronicle of the Worlda workbook for keeping a log of your adventures, drawing maps, and making notes about enemies that have been faced.
    • The Dice Souls OST on CD.

    Pre-order the physical edition here.

    The digital edition is now being released in zero-layout PDFs one Region at a time. Consider this an ashcan release until the game is text complete.

    This game is very late. Thank you for your patience this past year as I've worked on it. 

    Sign up on Patreon to receive the game a week early.


Buy Now£15.00 GBP or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £15 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

DiceSouls-Track2-Campsite.mp3 6 MB
LTR-DiceSouls-Region2-BotanicalGardens-v2.epub 17 kB
LTR-DiceSouls-Region2-BotanicalGardens-v2.pdf 67 kB
LTR-DiceSouls-CoreRules-v3.epub 31 kB
LTR-DiceSouls-CoreRules-v3.pdf 81 kB
LTR-DiceSouls-PreviousVersions.zip 356 kB
LTR-DiceSouls-Region1-TheCrumblingVillage-v1.epub 15 kB
LTR-DiceSouls-Region1-TheCrumblingVillage-v1.pdf 49 kB
LTR-DiceSouls-TheArchives.epub 17 kB
LTR-DiceSouls-TheArchives.pdf 126 kB

Download demo

DiceSouls-Track1.mp3 9 MB
DiceSouls-QuickstartCharacterSheet.pdf 19 MB
DiceSouls-Quickstart.pdf 15 MB
DiceSouls-Quickstart.zip 46 MB
DiceSouls-QuickstartSpreads.pdf 12 MB

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