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So, a couple of weeks ago, the Bookcase family embarked on an epic quest to recover Playmobil hats from the Play Room! This game is delightful. It created a fabulous shared narrative gaming experience. So joyous and wholesome. Thoroughly recommend.

Really glad you had fun with it, thanks for the play report!

Any chance you will restock the physical copies over at the loottheroom shop? I came upon this today and went to go buy it and it's sold out. 

If you're in the UK, several retailers still have it in stock. I got the best price from Dungeon land.

I completely missed this comment, sorry!

The reprint is now back in stock here

I was able to snag a copy from LootTheRoom. Thank you, both of you, for your help.

This game is so fun, and is honestly one of my favorite TTRPGs! It's designed so well and so cleverly. I grew up reading The Borrowers and this game emulates that experience really well, while leaving ample room for making up your own version of things.

If you like very collaborative TTRPGs, this game is an excellent one.

I ran Under the Floorboards multiple times for my wife and my 9-year-old, and we even managed running it with my grandmother joining us via video call.  We had a wonderful time!  If you are interested, you can hear our review and one of our playthroughs here:

Clear, cute, creative! We ran a one-shot of this in my regular gaming group and everyone loved it.  I need to play this again.

This game is very cute, fun, and easy to play! The rules are clear, and the tools for building an incursion are simple to use. I love the postcard character sheets! This is a really great game to break out quickly, as it's easy for new players to commit, and a game can easily be resolved in just a couple hours!

It looks great. Very clear and functional layout, and the idea of living in a world as little one sounds very fun. Loved the mechanics and how they feel straightforward. The way the game focuses on the small missions is very well thought out. Definitely a good try

This game is so cute I can't wait to run it. It's beautifully done and brings back so many memories of my childhood.