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The village of Edenpoole sits beside a large lake. Local legends tell of an ancient wizard's tower that once stood here, and a great battle with a demon known as The Burnt Eater that scarred the land and made the crater that now forms the lake.

Recently the ruins of a collapsed tower were found beneath the silt floor of the lake. Investigations and excavations have begun, but it's only a matter of time before word gets out and Edenpoole is flooded with treasure seekers and so-called adventurers.

Enter: the characters.

Beyond The Drowned Spire is a system neutral adventure for your favourite fantasy dungeon game.


Buy Now£8.00 GBP or more

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Sorry to trouble you, but the book mentioned a bestiary available here on itch but I could not find it

If it doesn’t exist then that’s fine too, I was just hoping to be pointed in the right direction if it does

Thank you in advance




Hey! Thanks for your interest. I took the bestiary down a month or two ago to fix some issues with it. I’ll get it reuploaded in the next few weeks.