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Last week the moon ate the sun.

24 days from now the world will end.

Unless you fix it.

BLACKOUT is a modular adventure for your fantasy roleplaying game of choice, a pointcrawl across a barren dustscape that might never see daylight again. 

BLACKOUT will be released in parts a day at a time during December 2022, staring on December 1st and ending on December 24th. The price increases each week, starting at £3 and ending at a total cost of £10 on Christmas Eve. You only need to purchase this once: when you purchase this product you will get access to all existing releases and will receive all future parts of BLACKOUT as they become available.

Check out last year's adventure calendar Reivdene-Upon-The-Moss here!

The daily release PDFs are provided in a very basic layout generated with Pandoc. A more traditionally laid out print version may follow if there is sufficient demand. In the event that the book is released in this manner, all contributors will receive a discount code towards the price of the physical product.

Over the course of the month you can expect to receive the following:

  • A map of the Big Dusty
  • Entries for each location on the map
  • Notable NPCs and enemies
  • Random encounter tables
  • Short fiction about the events leading up to the adventure
  • Reasons for the players to get involved
  • Background music to set the mood
  • Much, much more

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorChris Bissette
TagsDungeon Crawler, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy, Hexcrawl, Horror, OSR


Get this adventure and 36 more for £150.00 GBP
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
37% Off
£10.00 £6.30 GBP or more

In order to download this adventure you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £6.30 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

Blackout-Day1-TheVanishing.epub 6 kB
Blackout-Day3-ShadisVerge.epub 7 kB
Blackout-Day4-AdventureHooks.epub 5 kB
Blackout-Day4-AdventureHooks.pdf 40 kB
Day2-LTR-Blackout-TheBigDusty.png 2 MB
Blackout-Day5-ThePeopleOfShadisVerge.epub 9 kB
Blackout-Day5-ThePeopleOfShadisVerge.pdf 71 kB
Blackout-Day6-TheFork.epub 8 kB
Blackout-Day6-TheFork.pdf 61 kB
Blackout-Day7-Encounters.epub 8 kB
Blackout-Day7-Encounters.pdf 54 kB
Blackout-Day8-WastelandTreasures.epub 6 kB
Blackout-Day8-WastelandTreasures.pdf 53 kB
Blackout-Day9-HMSOpal.epub 6 kB
Blackout-Day9-HMSOpal.pdf 42 kB
Blackout-Day10-TheWreckOfTheHMSOpal.epub 148 kB
Blackout-Day10-TheWreckOfTheHMSOpal.pdf 139 kB
HMSOpal-Map@0.5x.png 141 kB
Blackout-Day11-PeopleOnTheDust.epub 6 kB
Blackout-Day11-PeopleOnTheDust.pdf 39 kB
Blackout-Day12-Sandriston.pdf 44 kB
Blackout-Day13-TheThickDust.pdf 47 kB
Blackout-Day13-TheThickDust.epub 5 kB
Blackout-Day14-TheSpire.epub 7 kB
Blackout-Day14-TheSpire.pdf 55 kB
Blackout-Day15-BeneathTheSpire.epub 13 kB
Day15-BeneathTheSpire@0.5x.png 596 kB
Blackout-Day15-BeneathTheSpire.pdf 50 kB
Blackout-Day16-QuartzQuarry.epub 7 kB
Blackout-Day16-QuartzQuarry.pdf 50 kB
Blackout-Day17-EncountersOnTheDeeperWasteland.epub 6 kB
Blackout-Day17-EncountersOnTheDeeperWasteland.pdf 54 kB
Blackout-Day19-LastGasp.epub 7 kB
Blackout-Day19-LastGasp.pdf 77 kB
Blackout-Day20-TheGreatDivide.epub 6 kB
Blackout-Day20-TheGreatDivide.pdf 47 kB
Blackout-Day18-SilentSands.epub 6 kB
Blackout-Day18-SilentSands.pdf 40 kB
Blackout-Day21-TheStructurePt1.epub 6 kB
Blackout-Day21-TheStructurePt1.pdf 46 kB
Blackout-Day22-TheStructurePart2.epub 5 kB
Blackout-Day22-TheStructurePart2.pdf 41 kB
StructureLevel1.png 582 kB
Blackout-Day23-TheStructure_Floor1.epub 1 MB
Blackout-Day23-TheStructure_Floor1.pdf 1 MB
Blackout-Day24-TheStructure_Floor2.epub 491 kB
Blackout-Day24-TheStructure_Floor2.pdf 536 kB
StructureLevel2.png 510 kB
StructureLevel3-Sphere.png 413 kB
Blackout-Day25-TheStructure_Floor3v1.epub 434 kB
Blackout-Day25-TheStructure_Floor3v1.pdf 458 kB
Blackout-Day25-TheStructure_Floor4.epub 182 kB
Blackout-Day25-TheStructure_Floor4.pdf 209 kB
StructureLevel4.png 204 kB

Download demo

Blackout.mp3 18 MB
Blackout-Day1-TheVanishing.pdf 52 kB
Blackout-Day3-ShadisVerge.pdf 46 kB

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