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You are members of the subterranean excavation and retrieval company SCAVENGE INC. Your mission is to explore uncharted cave systems and cavern complexes deep beneath the surface of the earth, seeking out ancient tombs and buried treasure chambers, stripping them bare, and returning your finds to the Corporation. Your leader has been rendered useless after an encounter with the strange entities that dwell in the shadows that you know only as The Shapeless, leaving you to fend for yourselves while she recovers.

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Scavenge, Inc. is a one-page micro dungeon-crawling TTRPG. Play as a group of treasure seekers deep beneath the earth, crawling through ancient crumbling ruins and putting tentacle-faced monsters to the sword and torch as they hunt for scraps of gold and forgotten treasures.

Scavenge, Inc. is a hack of Lasers & Feelings.

If you play the game please let me know on Twitter!


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A smart lil' hack of Lasers & Feelings, it's evocative and good quality. I would definitely try it with my group !