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Loot The Room presents

Trinkets - Books

Books regularly show up in dungeons, whether they're on the shelves of a vast library, locked in a secret compartment inside an old desk, or stuffed into the pack of that dead adventurer who was kinf enough to trigger all the traps so you didn't have to.

GMs often struggle to come up with new and interesting ways to make books interesting, falling back on "it's just a book". We aim to fix that. Trinkets - Books is intended to inject more detailed descriptions, variety and flavour into your RPG worlds. The tables you'll find inside this book are system-agnostic, but work most easily in a fantasy setting.

Inside this download you will find:

  • tables for generating new and unique books that your players will treasure
  • more unusual types of written records from primitive carvings through to ornate and mysterious tomes
  • over 100 pre-built ideas for books ready to drop straight into your game
  • adventure hooks, NPCs, and new locations to help flesh out the books in your world

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