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Deep in the heart of the forest an ancient, slumbering god begins to awaken. Pilgrims have travelled from far and wide, following falling omens and signs known only to them, desperate to be the first to bear witness to its awakening and to pledge their fealty - or to destroy it before it can sink its paws into the fabric of reality once more.

A holy war is about to be waged beneath the quiet of the trees. Which side will the players take?

Vine Heart is a system neutral adventure for your favourite fantasy dungeon game.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorChris Bissette
Tagsafter-school-revival, Dungeon Crawler, Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy, Horror, OSR


Buy Now£8.00 GBP or more

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Will you clarify "system neutral"?

In my experience, some people use it to mean neutral to D&D-esque games (e.g. using HD but not more detailed stats), others further distance themselves by using mostly verbal cues but still include things like random tables that assume people have dice associated with specific systems (e.g. if I'm playing GURPS or Shadowrun, I'm not guaranteed to have a d8 or d%), and some are even further removed.


I feel like "a system neutral adventure for your favourite fantasy dungeon game" is a pretty clear statement that doesn't really need much extrapolation, but sure.

The closest the adventure gets to any kind of system is using the term "make a Save", which you can interpret in whichever way suits your system of choice. All of the adventures from this drop will come with monster stats for B/X, Mörk Borg, 5e, and The Vanilla Game in a separate download but again, you can safely ignore them if you have better ideas for mechanising the parts of the adventure you think need to be mechanised.

As far as specific dice go Google has a perfectly adequate dice roller, but I'd expect that anybody who knows what GURPS and Shadowrun are has access to at least one set of basic polyhedral dice.

"and The Vanilla Game" -- nice!