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What's So Cool About Magic Portals? is a tiny little system for going through magic portals no matter where you are!

This is a hack of Jared Sinclair's What's So Cool About Outer Space?  created for WSCAJam.

Buy a print copy, or print out the pages and stick them in a notebook to carry them around with you. 

They've even got dice printed on the pages so you can literally play anywhere (Google might have a dice roller, but does Google work on the other side of a magic portal? Probably not.)


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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What's the shipping fee to Austria?

Hi there,

The price includes shipping everywhere in the world. You won't need to pay any extra.

Thanks Chris !

If you take this game and grab Wonder & Wickedness, Into the Odd's Oddities, Songbird's Anima, and whatever other magic items/treasure tables you like, then you will have limitless adventures.




actually if I do have one small criticism it's that the flipbook implements 2d6 not very well. Of the 28 pages, 24 pages have a pair of dice printed on them, with the mean being 6.75. Throwing a pair of dice has 36 possible results with a mean of 7.

The probability of rolling 8+ on 2d6 is about 42%, using this flipbook it's 38%. Shouldn't be particularly noticeable over a one-shot session.

If you want to use the flipbook to reference a d66 table, you can flip the book twice and use the second die of each pair (no page has a "2" as the first die, so don't do that). This has a less accurate distribution, but unlike the printed dice pairs can roll any d66 result.

(yes i do get that printing costs of a 28-page booklet are lower than a 40-page one. It's a *small* criticism)


I love the implication that different worlds have different rules (both fictional/worldbuilding and game-procedural).

The three 1d6 tables of portal appearances, destinations and inhabitants are well-written, enough for a starter session.

The GMing advice is similar to WSCAOS, but rewritten and expanded upon. My favourite line is "If there’s a rule you don’t like, burn it as part of a ritual to open a portal to a new world.

The little page-flip dice down the bottom are great.

Overall, a really lovely standalone game. Definitely worth the asking price.


though for flipbooks i would recommend people do a Chinese/Japanese stab-binding rather than a saddle-folded booklet.

list of stab-binding tutorials


These are printed with Mixam, so that kind of binding wasn't an option. Thanks for the review though!


Yeah, it was more a note for people wanting to print on their home printer.