Advancement update

After tonight’s session I’ve altered the advancement track slightly because I realised that 1d6+1 HP at level 2 doesn’t really give anybody the chance of gaining new health points on level up. I’ve updated the site verion and the PDF/epub will be updated when I’m ready to do a new print. For now, the new advancement track looks like this:

Adventurer Level XP Health Die Recovery Die Melee Damage
1 0 1d6 1d3 +0
2 2,500 2d6 1d3+1 +0
3 5,000 2d6+1 1d4 +0
4 10,000 3d6 1d4+1 +1
5 20,000 3d6+1 1d6 +1
6 35,000 4d6 1d6+1 +1
7 50,000 5d6 1d6+2 +2
8 75,000 6d6 2d6 +2
9 100,000 7d6 2d6+1 +3
10 200,000 8d6 2d6+2 +4

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Great change Chris some players at my weekly game just hit level two with none of them rolling up in health, I did have the thought that recovery die going from 1d3+1 to 1d4 at level three isn't really an upgrade cause the minimum goes down and the maximum stays the same would you consider 2d2 or 1d4+1 here? Loving the game by the way!

Good spot on the Recovery Die - that’s a vestige from before I committed to the game only using d20s and d6s so I need to revisit that. Look out for an update in the next few days!

Really glad to hear you’re playing the game