Big update!

I’ve just pushed a pretty big update to A Dungeon Game. I’ve re-sequenced the text to make it a bit easier to follow and make character creation clearer (especially for new players), added rules for creating and using spell scrolls, and updated the rules to clarify how often Rituals can be used.

I’ve also just announced the first adventure for the game, a labyrinthine dungeon crawl in search of a buried treasure vault called The Moss Mother’s Maze. This will be available in print and digital from mid June, and you can check out the cover reveal below!


LTR-ADungeonGame-3rdPrint-Digital.pdf 2 MB
May 17, 2023
LTR-ADungeonGame-May2023.epub 10 MB
May 17, 2023
LTR-ADungeonGame-PlainText-May2023.pdf 136 kB
May 17, 2023

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Query - Page 36 says of scrolls "They can only contain Phrases, not Sigils or Ceremonies." but page 37 gives costs and description for scribing sigils and ceremonies. 


It gives the costs for converting them to Phrases in order to scribe them. Two paragraphs before the table of costs on Page 37 it says, “Phrases are easy enough to transcribe onto paper, but distilling a complex Ceremony down into a form able to be scribed and cast as a Phrase is costly.”

Thank you! That makes sense cheers.