June Update

A pretty sizeable update today!

  • I’ve completely re-sequenced the text to make navigating it easier, especially during character creation.
  • It now has extensive footnotes, both to aid with reference-ability and to provide context for people coming to the game without much RPG experience.
  • Levelling up no longer provides a bonus to melee damage. That is exclusively the realm of Scars now.

I’m currently working on treasure tables and dungeon building procedures/tools, but I think most of that stuff is going to go into a separate release because this book is currently sitting at around 60 pages and I need to keep the core thing to a size where I can continue to print it relatively cheaply and post it to people for free without bankrupting myself with additional postage costs. I’ve been writing a lot about my experiments with treasure tables, and I’ve finally figured out how to do it.

What this means is that there will be one more update on this core game once I’ve written the stuff for individual creature treasure that will work in conjunction with the bestiary. After that I think I’m happy to consider the core rules complete, finally! I’ll be writing hoard treasure tables separately and tying them to dungeon generation, and that will form a different release - something like my version of a “Dungeon Master’s Guide”, but mostly composed of tools and tables to help you build adventures.

Speaking of adventures, the first proper module for this game is called The Moss Mother’s Maze. It officially releases on June 26th, which is when the digital edition will go up on itch, but I’m running a very quiet pre-order for the physicals in the weeks leading up to the proper launch. They’re currently on sale for less than their launch price will be on the 26th, so if you’re interested I’d love it if you checked them out.

Thanks for continuing to talk about and play this game!


ADungeonGame-CharacterSheets.zip 1 MB
May 22, 2023
LTR-ADG0001-ADungeonGame.epub 42 kB
Jun 04, 2023
LTR-ADG0001-ADungeonGame-June2023-PlainText.pdf 221 kB
Jun 04, 2023
LTR-ADG0001-ADungeonGame-June2023-Print.pdf 9 MB
Jun 04, 2023

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